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The 4th International Building & Construction Exhibition Libya Build 2007



The 4th International Building and Construction Libya Build 2007 has achieved a huge success as the largest specialized event that has been organized in Libya.

With 170 participants representing 230 International companies witnessed the moment of launching Libya Build 2007, where Mr. Abdel Hameed Dibaiba the Chairman of Libyan Investment & Development Company led the opening of the ceremony that contained a number of phenomenal businessmen, Ambassadors and VIPs in Libya.

Libya Build 2007 has occupied 11 pavilions with total 5000 sq/m. compared to last year net floor space, has increased by 60%, and the number of participating companies has increased by 50% which makes this exhibition the largest specialized event that has been organized in Libya.

The exhibition was divided into 3500 sq/m as an indoor area introducing 157 companies, 65% were International companies from different 17 countries, and the majority of these companies were from EU. Plus 1500 sq/m as an outdoor area of 13 leader brands consisted of a variety of specialized fields from Landscape, through Heavy machinery, Concrete pumps, Compressors and Generators etc...

This event enhanced the opportunity to expand and develop the Libyan economic structure, and was honored by the approach of 5276 visitors of those Specialized, Decision-makers and Businessmen, as well as foreign visitors from neighborhood countries.

ATEX organized group of visitors within the presence of effective officials in the construction sector in Libya as Mr. Ali Dibaiba, Chairman of Organizational Development of Administrative Centers, and Mr. Mustafa El Moezughi, Chairman of the Housing and Utilities General Cooperation and Dr. Hadi El Kelani, Chairman of Historical Cities Authority.
Media also played a major role in this event covering a wide range of interviews with a number of exhibitors presenting their companies during the 4 days of the exhibition.

This event has embraced different business transactions, including deals for local companies that are obtaining new agencies.

As Libya moves towards a new economic era, there is an urgent need to enhance the country's infrastructure, both to promote sustainable growth and improve the lives of Libyan citizens.

The rapidly rising urban population has already prompted a building boom in response to the need for Homes, Hospitals and Schools. Major water and sanitation projects are also under way.

Libya's transport infrastructure of airports, ports and roads needs to be expanded and upgraded, and major hotel and resort construction projects are being undertaken to boost the promising tourism sector.

At present, the General People's Committee is putting the final additions to the five-year National Development Plan for 2008-2012, which focus on the modernization of Libya's economic progress by depending on the overseas technology and expertise.

One priority of this plan is to increase the massive housing gap by estimating the need of 450,000 new housing units over the next ten years.

The Development Plan also includes programs to increase production of steel and cement to facilitate the construction and equipping of schools and hospitals, and 2,000kms of road improvements within bridge building.
Water and sanitation projects are also involved in the plan, estimating that L.D 8 billion (approximately $ 6 billion) will be spent over the next five years on these projects.

The success that Libya Build has achieved in the last four session, and the huge improvements in the Libyan Construction market. ATEX guarantees the success of the upcoming event due to the booming construction sector in Libya and the huge number of contracts signed recently by the Libyan government with national and international companies for small, medium and huge projects. We are expecting that Libya Build 2008 will be twice as big with over 300 companies to fulfill the needs of these projects.

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