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The 2nd International Building & Construction Exhibition Libya Build 2005

African Tigers Expo are proud to report the success of the 2nd International Building & Construction expo Libya Build 2005.

Libya Build 2005, came as an international event made for the 2nd time in consistency with the efforts rendered by national and governmental institutions to develop the national economy through concentration on all economic activities of direct impact on the quantity and quality of the services rendered to citizen for the purpose of increasing the rates of luxury and development of infrastructure of the basic sectors such as education, health, energy and building, because such activities represent the backbone of the economy.

Libya endeavors, through the enacted legislation in all fields including investments, to draw the attention to the Libyan market as a developing market of roots extending deeply in the African Continent.

Therefore African Tigers Expo, made available all capabilities necessary for the success of this international event, under international exhibition standards to form the suitable environment in which Libyan and foreign businessmen meet with the attorneys of national and foreign companies interested in the building and construction sector.

Libya Build 2005 was made under the agreement of Secretariat of General Peoples Committee for Economy and Commerce and official sponsorship of Secretariat of the General Peoples Committee for Planning. The Secretary of the General Peoples Committee for Planning inaugurated the event in presence of the General inspector for Housing and Utilities and The president of Engineering Professions and The Secretary of the Peoples Committee for the departments of Tripoli International Fair, as well as a group of ambassadors to Libya and the commercial attaches accredited to Libya.

Libya Build 2005 occupied 5 pavilions at Tripoli International Fair, compared to last year (Libya Build 2004), net floor space has increased by 55 %, making a total of 2000 sq m, plus more outdoor exhibit. The event was with 108 companies, 64% were international companies from 17 countries. The event was fully covered by local media, which resulted in apparent increase in visitor numbers which was around 4200 of visitors of diverse interests and specialties. This considerable number of visitors enriched the exhibition with a dynamic flow contributed to adding an atmosphere of competition among all participating companies through introduction of the activities and services. A matter that encouraged many companies to introduce themselves through special marketing presentation.


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