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Libyan-Qatari Joint Venture Breaks Ground on Luxury Development in Libya.

Tripoli-Libya and France signed a Declaration of Intent aims to establish
       a “strategic partnership” between the two countries in various fields.

Troy Expo the exclusive partner in Turkey for all ATEX events

Libya Build 2010 … The Event of the Year!

PIB the official sponsor of Libya Build 2010.

Distinct presence of the French companies in libya build 2010.

Group of "Daniel" Chinese Companies working on the implementation of
      2801 housing units in special areas in Libya.

The number of housing units which will be implemented in Tripoli it's totally
      53530 unit.

Most of the economic activities focused on Libya are in the construction

Libya had spent during the first half of this year to implement the
      development projects of more than 24 billion Libyan dinars
      (about 19.2 billion U.S. dollars).




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